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Cinderwing3d Turtles! 9 Styles to choose from! 3d printed Turtles!

Cinderwing3d Turtles! 9 Styles to choose from! 3d printed Turtles!

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From our good friends over at cinderwing3d come all of their Turtle Models.

Roseurle (Rose Turtle) turtle resembling a rose vine with thorns and a very large rose on its shell.

Orchid Turtle Has a Orchid growing out of its back like the other flower turtles.

Grenadle (Genade Turtle) Resembling a grenade with the head that pops off as the pin of the grenades.

Dessurtle (Dessert Turtle) Resembling a Waffle cone desert with a strawberry on top.

Doughnut Turtle has a doughnut shaped body with sprinkles over the top of its glaze

Lucky St Patrick's Day Turtle This turtle is the end of the rainbow, as its a pot of gold. The back of the turtles are able to come off and show a place to hide things.

Witch Turtle has a cauldron body that has bubbles boiling out of the top of it. the bubble come off to reveal a place to put things.

Snow Turtle has been caught out in a blizzard and now has adapted to the harsh climate by becoming part snowflake. 

Pumpkin Turtle has the body in the shape of a pumpkin with the lid coming off to revel a place to put things. 

Each Cinderwing3d turtle Prints under 5 inches long.

Message ahead if you’d like to talk about colors we can do for you.

A message from Cinderwing3d:
I'm a veteran, full-time mom, and entrepreneur at heart that LOVES designing and 3D printing fun and unique creations! My addiction is articulating creatures and I love pushing the boundaries and experimenting with new designs and engineering!
My head is constantly bursting with ideas for fun new designs! By supporting me you are supporting this incredible dream of mine and literally helping me to make these ideas come to life!
I am so excited, passionate, and thankful for the support!

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